We warmly welcome pets in our Courtyard rooms. Your cooperation with our pet policy ensures a pleasant stay for everyone.

We allow a maximum of two pets per room, whether cat or dog, with a weight limit of 45kg. To minimize potential disturbances such as barking, please avoid leaving your pet unattended in the room. If unavoidable, please inform the front desk.

For the safety and comfort of all guests and staff, please refrain from leaving your pet unattended in the room. If you require housekeeping, kindly ensure your room is vacant and utilize the “clean my room” hanger provided.

Please clean up after your pet using designated waste bins, as you are responsible for any damages caused by your furry companion. We may need to recover associated costs.

Pets are not permitted in Leetham’s Brasserie, but are welcome in common areas like the lobby, terrace, and courtyard. When outside your room, your pet must be on a lead or in a carrier at all times.

Please ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date and they are free from illness.

If, in our sole discretion, your pet is deemed objectionable to other guests, alternate accommodations may be required.